Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This is what you get, when you mess with GOOD SONGS.

Ugh. The weather's getting really craptastic, and it's getting me annoyed with a lot of things; however, one thing that's been really annoying me is bad cover songs. The songs themselves aren't the problem, it's the artists covering them. Now, I understand someone putting up a YouTube clip of themselves covering a song and it's criticized, but when you take great songs by great bands and not-so great bands cover your songs, that's fucking BLASPHEMY.

i.e. - Radiohead - "Karma Police" @ Hammerstein Ballroom (1997)


Then, this piling heap of putrid dog shit comes up:

Thank you so much, Panic! You really do make me want to self-inflict after that shit.

But, wait, kids!!! There's more...hang on to your seat and keep your ears open...because this one is sure to make your eyes and ears die at the same time...covering this song:

...and turning into a deafening blow to the music world...

Why can't someone do a cover with dignity?

This just proves how easy someone can ruin a good thing...doesn't anyone ever care to improve on their interpretations? They both sound nasal...and it's just...absolutely abysmal to me. There's no hope left in the world if the emo kids start saying Panic! and MCR's covers are better than the original songs from Radiohead and Blur.

What's next...a Daft Punk cover??!!?!?

Wait....no...no...FUCK NO, NO WAY....GOD HELP US ALL.

Well, at least it's not all Daft Punk, but shit...why do people have to take the best things in life, put in a blender, and SHIT IT OUT ON YOUR AUDITORY PLATE?

It's just musical murder. That's right, take the machete and severe the jugular on the best songs of this generation. Thanks, emo nation. You fucked up the world for good.

You're all dead...while wearing ridiculously tight pants and confusing your love for girls and/or guys.

Oh, and you're so sad you can't get the car for the weekend you have to mop around wanting to kill yourself.

Do the real music fans some good and just off yourself. Prove your self-worth.


Music sounds better with you...just no emo kids....or scene kids.

O_O -- Mitch


Kazza said...

Yeah not to mention the fact that emo sort of evolved out of really good music like my beloved Fugazi. It.just.kills.me.

xxplankxx said...

ok so, i know how you feel about the whole emo cover thing. it just doesnt work most of the time. to tell you the truth, i had a few opinions musically that dont exactly agree with you, niether disagree.

in the first video combo you showed, the cover was not amazing. i did like the little xylaphone thing they had going on. but it doesnt fit the song. made it kinda creepy, and that isnt what the song is about.

the second one...lmao. ok, so its clearly not blur. but for some reason, hearing him say those lyrics wasnt too bad...i mean he got his head checked, no? he does kinda look like an escaped mental patient, and look! he sounds like one too. so it works negatively.

in the last one... ok you win. i jus dont like it. sounds bad. he's not a bad singer, but what the hell is that spanish sounding guitar, and then out no fucking where from his emo piece of shit whining comes harder better faster stronger theme??? WHAT?! see, the music has to match the theme of the song, or it just sounds stupid. this reminds me of my song Richard. remember that one? that was my way of saying it sounds wierd and like a joke when you sing one mood, and play a completely different one.

this ends my comment. some day people will learn. especially when nobody buys thier stupid sounding shit.

god that last one is annoying...

Syn said...
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Syn said...

You know your stuff. Kick ass. The way I see horrible covers....see Guitar Hero 2. Th visuals show a whole different story