Thursday, November 8, 2007

Reggaeton fo' kids....I think? Either way, this made my day.

*Thanks to The Daily Swarm for reporting on this new sensation*
Miami Herald: (on 8-year old reggaeton sensation, Miguelito)

It’s 11 p.m., the Puerto Rico Coliseum is packed, the reggaeton is blaring, and it’s way past Miguel Angel Valenzuela’s bedtime.

Despite the solo he just performed at Daddy Yankee’s sold-out concert, or the rhinestone-studded bling around his neck, or the backup dancers in short plaid skirts, bedtime was at 9. But on this night, the 8-year-old is Miguelito, a nominee in Thursday’s Latin Grammy awards who gets to stay up late, at least on concert nights.

’‘I have liked reggaeton since I was little,’’ he said on a recent evening a few days after his solo, sitting on a luxury hotel rooftop in San Juan. ‘When I was small, I thought I was going to be the boss of my father’s company. Then when I turned 6, I thought, `No, I am going to become an artist.’ I have reached my dreams. Now, I am an artist—Miguelito.

If you don't believe me, I unfortunately have proof...

You and I both know it, music is slowly and surely dying because of acts like this. Well, at least reggaeton is gonna die soon, that music had no real purpose besides dry humping people on the dancefloor to the same bass beats and random shouting and moaning in each song. Just a complete waste of musicality. Let's hope Miguelito kills it quicker than you can say "Crank Dat".

Keep it real, keep it fresh.

Music sounds better with you, and you, and you.

-- Mitch


Syn said...

How cute, he's killing music. At a 1st grade level too.

xxplankxx said...

my favourite part of the first video is when they get in the car and he cant even see through the windshield. HA!

this is ridiculous. i cant even take it seriously. Get him back in school. No nunca tranquilo wey.

maybe if he was as good as connie from britains got talent, there wouldnt be a problem:

unfortunately, some people dont learn until bankruptcy. i mean, its not even a good idea. i think he did it just to make some easy money. i mean come on, whats this kid going to do with thousands of dollars? buy a lifetime supply of dora the explorer boxsets? i dont even know.

and he's setting him up for a terrible life. sort of like how michael jackson was. he grew up with absolutely no childhood. now look at him, the fucking freak. dont people even learn??? and even if he does miraculously manage to maintain a childhood, he'll be a two bit child star, and have absolutely no fame once he hits puberty and cant do anything "cute" anymore.

its quite unfortunate. so farewell reggaeton. the age of dry sex on the dance floor is dying, which makes you obsolete.

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