Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Gimme another one of those BLOCK ROCKIN' BEATS...

So, today, I give my love of The Chemical Brothers to you. The acid house duo has been around longer than their French counterparts, Daft Punk. The Chems started around 1992, when they started to DJ together and soon became "The Dust Brothers". Soon thereafter, they gained steam in the underground, and the American production team of The Dust Brothers threatened action if they didn't change their name, and thus, The Chemical Brothers were born. By 1993, their first album, Exit Planet Dust (an obvious title), came out to a staggering amount of praise. Their blend of big beat, rock and electronica started the electronica era of the 90s.

In 1995, Daft Punk surfaced with two of their early recordings, and The Chems obtained them, played them and DJ'd the fuck out of much that they invited Daft Punk to open for them for shows in the U.K. Two years later, Daft Punk would be headlining European bills with The Chemical Brothers opening. Two-for-one is HELLA GOOD.

Throughout the last 12 years, The Chemical Brothers have been one of the most successful electronica groups in history. Pounding out hit after hit and gaining more and more praise on their albums, their live show, like Daft Punk, has evolved from mere turntabling and mixing to something of a spectacle. Enjoy the 2007 Glastonbury broadcast!!!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

So, I've got some of my favorite tracks down their for you to take. Enjoy The Chems, and make sure you hear that orgasmic BASS.

The Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin' Beats

The Chemical Brothers - Hold Tight London

The Chemical Brothers - Saturate

Music sounds better with all of you gangstas.

-- Mitch

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