Saturday, September 8, 2007

Stick to the B.E.A.T, get ready to ignite.

Seeing as how I'm unable to sleep, I might as well post the next day's entry a bit early. The big news today is that Britney is "REHEARSING" her VMAs performance. WOW. Amazing reporting, huh? That and Vanessa Hudgens nude photos were leaked onto the 'net. I'm thinking of a number...around 10-15 million males aged 15-40 all going on the internet simultaneously and checking out the photos. Good job, perverts.

Where's the music news, man?

Well, Enter Shikari, a trance/metal/core/electro band hailing from the U.K., is headlining Bowery Ballroom on the 11th of September. On the 13th, Jamie T will grace the stage of that same venue...and The Noisettes will on the 15th. Quite a nice schedule of artists booked. Good job, Bowery. What everyone really is banking on is the upcoming new venue from The Bowery Presents, Terminal 5. It supposedly is Club Exit turned into a savvy music venue, housing about 3000+ at maximum capacity. They've already sold out two shows before opening the venue, and those two artists are on my playlist; M.I.A. and Justice.

However, both acts have added an extra night due to popularity...or greed.

M.I.A. - October 18th/$25 All Ages Doors 7PM
Justice - October 22nd/$25 All Ages Doors 7PM

Hooray for greedy musicians :)

One thing that really is testing my patience: MTV's partnership with Rhapsody and advertising the VMA Nominees. The song in the commercial is Justice's "Waters Of Nazareth". Are you fucking kidding me? No one knows that song but me, it's absolutely amazing and sad at the same time. Only the real music buffs know what's really playing. It's a shame the only time half-decent music comes on one of the MTV affiliates (MTV2) is 1AM. Fucking idiots.

Anyway, I got some goodies for you.

Blur - Music Is My Radar

M.I.A. - Boyz

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Rockers To Swallow

...and the big kahuna tonight has to be Blood Red Shoes.
This EP, is quite straightforward and absolutely fucking brilliant.

Blood Red Shoes - I'll Be Your Eyes EP

1. It's Getting Boring By The Sea
2. You Bring Me Down
3. Box Of Secrets
4. Try Harder
5. Can't Find The Door *Personal bonus from me*
6. It's Getting Boring By The Sea (Blamma Blamma Remix)

Have a great weekend, there will be MUCH MORE TO COME. *insert evil laugh here*

Music sounds better with y'all. Take care, guys.

-- Mitch

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