Friday, September 7, 2007

Television...rules the nation.

Considering I'm pretty new to this, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Mitch, and I'm a creative person full of vigour, spunk and energy. I'm a musician, songwriter and genuine run-of-the mill asshole. I'm extremely one-sided with my musical opinions and sometimes my opinions push people away, but it comes with the territory of getting to know me. Most of the music I like isn't part of today's pop culture, meaning about 98% of it isn't being played on MTV/fuse. The rest is just a wild-ass coincidence. Also, most people will never understand how important music is to me, mainly because it is my air, my food, my water. One of the reasons I live is for music, because without music, we as a collective species wouldn't have been able to realize the beauty in other things. Music is art, beauty and it is part of life, for me a BIG PART of it. Anyway, let's get down to business. Blog entry numero uno :P

The MTV Video Music Awards are coming up, and you know what that means: Every kid ranging from age 12-17 is going to watch that and eat all that pre-fabricated horseshit up. Suffice to say, it's been getting worse year after year after year. This year's big shocker is that Britney Spears is planning her comeback by opening for the award show! *GASP* OMG LIEK BRITNEY IZ COMIN BAK!!!!

...Seriously, kids. Britney's been gone. There's no more Britney, it's just tabloid fodder. She's a shell of the pop princess from the late '90s. She is not THAT BRITNEY, nor she will ever be. She's going to bomb again in her career, just like every other star who's tailspinning into their own Hollywood demise. But, MTV decided this would just sweeten the pot on their most cathartic of televised events. Not only is this LIVE, but in you really think people are going to come being fully coherent of everything? I'm betting at least 3-4 presenters are going to be shitfaced and come onstage trying to flirt with their co-presenter. Fun television, folks. There's only a handful of artists I can actually root for, considering NONE OF THEM WILL WIN. Those unfortunate, talented artists: Peter Bjorn and John, Gnarls Barkley, Lily Allen, and Justice....are doomed to lose. Then, MTV has to make it seem like a soap opera more and more with each awards show, with the "MOST EARTH-SHATTERING COLLABORATION" category, or my personal favorite, "QUADRUPLE THREAT OF THE YEAR". Wow, seriously...where the fuck do you motherfuckers get off doing that? I mean, what motivates to think that people NEED TO BE A QUADRUPLE THREAT? What makes you think that collaborations need to be earth-shattering? I know ratings matter, but you get more and more viewers every year, and this year will be no different, thanks to ex-Mrs. Federline.

The only sub-plot MTV has going for them is if Kanye West fucks up again with Justice winning VIDEO OF THE YEAR (which will never fucking happen...if it does I will definitely shit myself out of sheer amazement, considering they are one of my current musical fixations). If none of you know what I'm talking about, Kanye had a little mishap at the MTV Europe Music Awards, coming on-stage...well...not fully aware of the situation. :D

Nice job, Kanye.

All I'm saying is, not even current pop superstars are giving the underdogs and underground indie artists their due. They, too were once a part of that. It's a shame to see people just put them down. I just wish, people would stop dismissing the music that isn't well-known. There's so much to offer in every genre, that doesn't mean you should be dismissive and egoistic and say: "YO, FUCK THAT SHIT, MAN. IT AIN'T KANYE/50 CENT/MIMS/YUNG JOC/whichever rap artist has a hit for no fucking reason" There is better, more creative stuff out there, and if people are going to stay in the box, then let them. In the end, they'll see how much they missed out on. But, to the real music lovers, keep exploring, because there's only more to love. Guys, music sounds better with you. Keep it gangsta.

-- Mitch

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xxplankxx said...

Our culture is polluted. I'm moving to Antarctica. You down? haha