Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gimme, gimme, gimme more...motherfucking bullshit from MTV.

Another VMAs, another massive debacle. Just a monstrosity from top to bottom, with no hope or payoff. It was just a complete crock of shit. This was really the downfall of all awards show...and you thought the Teen Choice Awards were bad. The show started with the massively hyped-up "comeback" of Britney Spears, and surprisingly she didn't actually disappoint; she instead BOMBED. Starting with her patented "I'm lip-syncing but you'll never know because the music's too loud" technique, she began the night saying: "It's Britney, bitch." First of all, don't call us all bitches. Second, you suck worse than a $2 whore. The performance was hilariously atrocious and undoubtedly effortless. Celebrity audience members that were stunned, repulsed and laughing included: 50 Cent, Nelly, Diddy, Chris Brown and Rihanna (laughing in front of her). It was shit-tastic. Bravo, Britney...way to come crashing down to fucking earth. You definitely deserve it, and you especially deserve Sarah Silverman's rip on you and those kids: "Those kids are the cutest mistakes you will ever see!!!" Damn right.

Anyway, Rihanna and Justin Timberlake cleared house with two awards each. Justin Timberlake challenged MTV to play more videos, which was a welcome suggestion...except no one at MTV gives a shit. There were some awkward moments because of the new "band suites" at the Vegas VMAs, because almost all the bands didn't finish a song. It was just cut-ins and cut-outs...and speaking of that...MTV used almost all of Justice's "†" album as intros and outros to presenters. Justice are nominated for one award, and the correspondents asked the guests about Justice...and guess what? No one knew who the fuck Justice was. Surprising? No. Predictable? Fuck yes.

And as usual, Kanye pulled another bullshit comment out of his ass, stating he should've opened the awards and "if I don't win, I ain't coming back to MTV, ever."

...He didn't win, and this was the result:

You're a whiny little bitch, stop fucking being a dumb little motherfucker. You're a sore loser and now you think YOUR RACE has something to do with it? Rihanna won two awards. Beyonce won another. Chris Brown won another as well. Well, Kanye...what I'm asking is, who the fuck do you think YOU ARE? Why would you automatically pull out the race card? Why are you so whiny when you don't win? Music isn't about being the winner, it's about being proud of what you've done. Stop making everything about you. You need to seriously SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LEAVE THE MUSIC BUSINESS FOR A FEW MONTHS. JUST FUCK OFF, YOU WHINY LITTLE FUCKER.

Anyway, Justice lost...no surprise.

This was my VMAs rant entry. I hope you enjoyed it. I'm never watching the VMAs again.


-- Mitch


Syn said...

Amen man. It was so horrible and we al know it whether these people like it or not.

Charlemagne said...

Holy shit. I didn't even know people could be this arrogant. DAMN.